Misty Dartmoor Pendant


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This misty Dartmoor pendant was inspired after a recent walk on Dartmoor when it was so misty we couldn’t see further than a few meters in front of us. Dartmoor is spectacular at any time of the year, but there is something truly magical about Dartmoor when it’s misty. As quickly as it moves in, it moves back out and the shadows of the tors beyond become visible again.

This misty Dartmoor pendant contains real pieces of lichen and heather that I have picked whilst walking around the tors of Haytor. I have carefully preserved these and set it next to a tiny Dartmoor rock  that I have gently painted to give it the illusion of a misty peak.

This necklace comes with its very own little wooden box filled with preserved moss and would make a beautiful gift for any nature lover.


The glass pendant measures approx 30 x 25mm, and is hung on an antique bronze chain that is both nickel and lead free. The standard length chain is 24″, however 20″ and 18″ is also available, please specify your preferred length when ordering.


This necklace has been handcrafted for regular wear and tear and the glass globe is very sturdy, however it should be kept dry and removed before having a shower or bath.

To help maintain its longevity, when not being worn please store your necklace in its little wooden box out of direct sunlight.

Please note: Each piece of my jewellery is unique and the contents have been handpicked on my travels. Therefore there may be slight variations between each piece, however they will be very similar and this only adds to the charm of the jewellery.